What is San Diego?

It is the sea, the mountains, the cities, towns and neighborhoods. It is its very diverse communities and people. It is the surf, the outdoors, the hiking and the skating. It is the art, the fashion, the design and the music. It is entrepreneurs, the business people, the learners and the teachers. It is the fan.

San Diego is everything and nothing specific. San Diego is all of this, woven into one.

To find a deeper answer, we listened to the community. From football fans and people in all 18 communities of the San Diego, and from community leaders to local stakeholders and partners, we ran surveys, focus groups, and interviews. Their voices and ideas have been captured and helped us express this brand.

Our Name

Our Colors

Our Inspiration
The city, its people, its lifestyle


These arches are iconic landmarks, unique to this city. Built in the 1920s and 1930s, they were designed to promote San Diego neighborhoods and their distinctive character.


San Diego is an expansive and diverse place, with a multitude of cultures, experiences and layers. Football is the opportunity to weave them all together.


Conventionally seen as slow-paced, there is more than meets the eye to San Diego. A profound connection between people and place fosters a culture of creativity.

Our Crest

Our Brand Evolution

Having The Flow at the center of our identity, the symbol will have a life of its own.